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Northern University is dedicated to fostering an environment that is both inclusive and supportive for students with disabilities. Our policies, which align with both national and international standards, guarantee that no student is excluded from higher education. We acknowledge the varied needs of students with disabilities and offer customised accommodations to aid their academic and extracurricular involvement. This encompasses enhancements to physical infrastructure, provision of assistive technologies, and dedicated support services. Our objective is to remove obstacles and advocate for equal opportunities for all students, demonstrating our commitment to the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the sustainable development goals.

We have instituted an Accessibility Committee at Northern University and designated Disability Coordinators to guide students throughout their academic journey at NU. These coordinators act as intermediaries, aiding students in understanding and utilising the available accommodations and support services. From the application stage to graduation, we ensure that all students with disabilities are provided with the essential resources and support to thrive. By cultivating a culture of inclusivity and respect, we strive to respect the inherent dignity and rights of every student, guaranteeing a rewarding and accessible higher education experience.
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