Admission and CSR


The Northern University has been established by EDR Trust and Charted by Government of NWFP in private sector, vide NWFP Ordinance No. XLVIII of 2002, published under Extraordinary Gazette No. P.111 dated 2nd November 2002. It is recognized by Higher Education Commission as a degree awarding university operating in private sector. The Nothern university has been upgraded to "W" category (Old Category "A") in March 2009. The University, presently has two campuses, known as the City Campus Nowshera and main campus at Wattar Walai Ziarat Kaka Sahib Road, Nowshera. The campuses are easily accessible from various parts of the country.

The Northern University offers homogenous and well-rounded programs focusing on Engineering, Science and Technology, Administrative Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities and other supporting disciplines, which would facilitate the students to acquire skills and knowledge required to mRaoet the challenges of the new millennium. The facilities at the University are at par with International Standards.

The Northern University has four faculties, with state of the art facilities to become Center of Excellence in its own right. These faculties shall collectively provide a synergistic and vibrant environment for generation of new technologies and integration of education sector with the industry and management structures of the civil societies.

The importance of good environment in an educational institute is vital. The Northern University provides a very congenial atmosphere to flourish students' talent. To facilitate the students with good atmosphere many steps have been taken. One of them is well-furnished and roomy classrooms with the provision of modern educational facilities, such as overhead projectors, multimedia projectors, audiovisual facilities, etc. The University currently possesses four state-of-the-art computer labs for research and educational use. These labs are equipped with the latest computers and multimedia facilities. The offices have sophisticated facilities, such as duplication, photocopying, faxing, and printing. The university provides faculty members with individual offices, and separate faculty computing lab. .

Choosing The Right Path
When a student is planning to undertake Higher Education, a number of questions come to his/her mind. We have identified a number of these questions and have listed them down for you to think about and speculate. What is your philosophy about education? What does quality mean to you? What kind of career do you want? What kind of companions do you want to have? What kind of university would you prefer? Answer to all these questions is important regarding your future. The University should be able to help you to pursue your interests and provide you with best opportunities.

Not all Universities are alike. Not all people are alike. Not all have same destiny. Not all have the same motivation. Universities claim philosophy, results, and quality. It is all up to you to go for the first, the best, and the one on the top. Set the priorities of your life first--- then choose your University carefully; this is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. Make sure it leads towards your future goal. Take a chance, if you are highly motivated, sharp-minded, value-oriented and ready to take up the leadership challenge